Rich Brian, formerly known as Rich Chigga, drops new track

With “Watch Out!”, the Indonesian producer/rapper’s beefing up his bid to be a part of this year’s XXL Freshman Class.

Rich Brian, the rapper formerly known as Rich Chigga, yesterday premiered “Watch Out!” on 88rising’s YouTube channel.

The track is a furious, EDM-inspired banger that breaks away from the personal introspection of the Indonesian rapper’s debut album Amen, instead harking back to his viral hit “Dat Stick.” Brian’s flow and lyricism are more practiced than ever, and the braggadocio he displays on the tune somehow doesn’t feel ironic any longer.

That’s not to say “Watch Out!” is devoid of the 18-year-old’s brand of self-deprecating humor. Sure, no fanny packs were spotted in the video for the song, but there are tacky equestrian costumes, intentionally bad CGI, and a great scene of a funeral for one particular part of the female anatomy. (Oh, and see if you can spot a Joji cameo.)


And then there’s that line that takes a shot at the hip hop world: “F*ck a foreign whip, man, an Uber’s what I rolled in / Yeah, my sh*t so flames Elon Musk could prolly sell it.”

The Rich Brian of today has come a long way from the Rich Chigga of two years ago. He’s grown to be one of the more hyped-up hip hop stars of the minute, and even submitted a pitch to be part of the upcoming 2018 XXL Freshman Class. And by the looks of it, he looks to be a shoo-in ?.

Listen to “Watch Out!” here:


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