Ric Wilson shares video for new single, “Trunk Music”

The follow-up to “Fight Like Ida B and Marsha P.”

Ric Wilson has shared a video for his new song, “Trunk Music.”

The clip, directed by A Solo Vision and Mauricio Reyes, follows Wilson as he strolls through his old Chicago neighborhood, accompanied by a marching band. The visual was filmed about a year ago, Wilson said in a press release, where he pointed out that the song was even older.

“I wrote this song two years ago and shot this video one year ago,” Wilson said. “When I heard this beat my cousin made, it reminded me of seeing Grand Prix on southside blocks as a shorty and hearing the loud music coming from sound systems. Just like those boomin trunks, we are rebellious, we are loud and we don’t need to be understood.”


“Trunk Music” marks Wilson’s first solo release since “Fight Like Ida B & Marsha P” in June. That song was named after civil rights leader Ida B Wells and LGBTQ+ activist Marsha P Johnson, and released in celebration of the Black Lives Matter movement and Pride Month.

Watch the clip for “Trunk Music” below:

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