Raz Simone’s “Forever Don’t Last” is perfectly angsty

A brand-new song and video from the Seattle rapper.

The new year’s supposedly for new beginnings, but if you started 2019 stewing over unfinished business, “Forever Don’t Last” by Raz Simone should match your mood perfectly.

The song gives Simone the opportunity to get lots off his chest: “I know that mental illness is a sickness / I don’t have a cure / But I’m looking for / PTSD is all around me,” the Seattle artist raps, more to himself than to the listener. His angsty, tightly wound bars over the faux-martial beat, as well as the anguished chorus, make “Forever Don’t Last” strongly reminiscent of Eminem’s “Like Toy Soldiers”—in a good way.

In the simple music video, which premiered on World Star Hip Hop yesterday, Simone drives into the desert, a wedding veil streaming from the seat next to him with no bride in sight. Check out the clip below:


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