Pusha T’s “If You Know You Know” gets its own visual

Watch the rapper ride through a desert.

Pusha T has just shared the visual for his latest single, “If You Know You Know,” that’s taken from his new Kanye-produced album, Daytona.

Directed by Shomi Patwary, the clip starts off seemingly normal as we see the GOOD Music president racing through the desert solo in a flashy white Lamborghini. But it turns out, the rapper isn’t alone. Tailing closely behind him is a police car, which forces Pusha T to pull over. Both parties step out of their vehicles—and it’s then when the scene begins to escalate.

Fog appears, vicious canines start barking and lightning strikes. The rapper soon has his hands behind his head and three officers point their guns at him, fingers on their triggers. The video quickly turns into a warped vision and fades out. The showdown is left at a cliffhanger but there’s no denying that the rapper most likely faced a grim fate.  


Check out the clip:

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