Problem taps Snoop Dogg for “Don’t Be Mad at Me” remix

The collab also features Freddie Gibbs.

Problem has recruited Snoop Dogg and Freddie Gibbs for an all-star remix of his single, “Don’t Be Mad at Me.”

The rework opens with a brand-new, raunchy verse from Gibbs: “I like to fuck her while she mad at me / She throw a fit and throw that ass at me / She said if sex was a weapon, I’ll let you blast at me / That foreign thing cost 200 grand, on my grandpappy.”

Snoop chimes in with bars about his rollercoaster relationship with his wife. “I’m tired of sayin’ sorry for the same shit / Damn near lost my queen, fucking ’round with that lame bitch / Ashamed of myself ’cause I shamed you / Good or bad, right or wrong, we always bang through,” he spits.


In a statement, the Problem said he was “excited” to have the two rappers on the remix. “Freddie has been my dawg since we first started. […] Snoop is a king. Any time he grants me with his presence, I honor it,” he said. “I appreciate what these two bring to the game. And it was fun taking them out of their element.”

Listen to the remix of “Don’t Be Mad at Me” below:

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