Polo G lives the “Rapstar” life in brand-new video

From his forthcoming third album, ‘Hall of Fame.’

Polo G has shared a video for his new single, “Rapstar.”

In the clip, the rapper lives his best life as a successful “rapstar,” from buying his posse brand-new BMWs to flying around the world in his private jet. The visual also shows tender moments between Polo and his young son.

“Uh, copped a BMW, new deposit, I picked up another bag / Like fuck it, I’mma count while I’m in it / I hear planes flyin’, crowds screamin’, money counters, chains clangin’ / Shit, I guess that’s how it sound when you winnin’ / I ain’t jokin’, do it sound like I’m kiddin’?” he spits.


“Rapstar” follows Polo’s previous singles “GNF (OKOKOK)” and “Epidemic.” The track is set to appear on Polo’s upcoming album, Hall of Fame, which is expected to be released later this year. It will follow his 2020 release, The Goat.

Watch the video for “Rapstar” below:

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