PnB Rock, Pop Smoke prove they’re anything but “Ordinary”

PnB’s first release of the year.

PnB Rock and Pop Smoke have teamed up on a new single, “Ordinary.”

Smoke opens the song with a braggadocious chorus and provides the first verse. “I threw an opp pack in the air in my McLaren / I put eight racks of baguettes up in my earrings / I’m dripped in VLONE, that’s what I’m wearin’ / Chain cost a kilo, ain’t ordinary,” he raps.

Later in the track PnB jumps in with hard-hitting bars: “Opps tried to score but that shit was a touchback / Spin the block, turn that n***a into a dust pack / Heard he had the glizzy but ain’t get to bust that / Oh goddamn, that’s tragic, we makin’ shit disappear like magic.”


“Ordinary” is PnB’s first release since last year’s “Fendi,” featuring Nicki Minaj. On the other hand, Smoke released his Meet the Woo 2 mixtape earlier this month.

Listen to “Ordinary” below:

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