Pivot Gang’s MfnMelo drops video for “MF DOOM”

From his 2019 solo album, ‘Everybody Eats.’

MfnMelo from the Chicago rap collective Pivot Gang has unveiled a video for the Everybody Eats cut, “MF DOOM.”

In the video, directed by Parker Nyquist, MfnMelo portrays several different characters, from a sophisticated painter and whiskey-loving researcher to a film photographer. The clips are woven together with shots of the rapper riding shotgun in a futuristic car, cruising around his hometown.

MfnMelo later arrives at an empty parking lot where he spits light-hearted rhymes like “Big n***a vibe like my chicken keep it saucy” and “My new baby is toffee / Keep me woke just like sum coffee.”


“MF DOOM” is a track from MfnMelo’s 2019 solo album Everybody Eats, which featured appearances from fellow Pivot Gang members Saba and Frsh Waters, as well as Mick Jenkins, Akenya and Adam Ness.

Last year Pivot Gang released their debut album You Can’t Sit With Us, which included the songs “No Vest” and “Bad Boys.”

Watch the video for “MF DOOM” here:


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