Pivot Gang, Mick Jenkins release “No Vest” music video

The latest visual from ‘You Can’t Sit With Us.’

Chicago rap collective Pivot Gang have dropped off a video for “No Vest,” their April collaboration with Mick Jenkins.

The clip opens with Jenkins at a bespoke tailor where he gets measured for a suit. “I don’t need no vest / I don’t need no microphone, I say it with my chest,” he declares. The video then cuts to a park where Pivot Gang member Saba is at, before it segues to a plant store where Joseph Chilliams hangs out. MfnMelo appears last in the clip, pampering himself with a mani-pedi at a nail salon while he casually delivers his verse.

“No Vest” is the latest cut from Pivot Gang’s debut studio album You Can’t Sit With Us to receive the music video treatment. They previously released visuals for “Mortal Kombat,” “Studio Ground Rules” and “Jason Statham, Pt 2.” In August, the outfit dropped the surprise Two Piece Tour Pack EP, which featured “SoHo Freestyle” with Kota the Friend and theMIND-assisted “Houdini.”


Check out the “No Vest” video below:

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