Pivot Gang lay down “Studio Ground Rules”

    Saba, Frsh Waters and MfnMelo explain proper studio etiquette.

    Pivot Gang Studio Ground Rules MV
    MfnMelo of Pivot Gang. Image: Saba official YouTube

    Chicago’s Pivot Gang have dropped a new song and video for “Studio Ground Rules,” a jazzy cut which outlines proper studio etiquette.

    Saba, Frsh Waters and MfnMelo lay down the law and explain what’s really expected from someone who wants to hang out in a recording space, especially for an extended period of time. They don’t ask for much, though—just no yelling or extensive self-promo, and marijuana if you have some.

    “Studio Ground Rules” follows the group’s other singles, “Blood” and “Jason Statham, Pt 2,” which all serve as a prelude to a new album due out later this year.

    Chill with Pivot Gang in their Chicago studio below: