Pivot Gang drop two new tracks, “SoHo Freestyle” and “Houdini”

Stream their ‘Two Piece Tour Pack’ EP here.

Pivot Gang are back with two new songs, “SoHo Freestyle” with Kota the Friend and theMIND-assisted “Houdini,” which they’ve packaged as their Two Piece Tour Pack EP.

“SoHo Freestyle” is propelled by a triumphant horn-driven production by group member daedaePIVOT. On the track, Pivot Gang and Kota drop quick-fire bars about their rise to fame. “People was sleepin’ on me and the boys / And now we in the green / You can see the report / Rather me fail than see me in Forbes,” leader Saba raps on the opening verse.

On the other hand, “Houdini” features the collective rapping over a lush, jazzy beat. theMIND contributes his soulful vocals to the track’s groovy chorus. “Keep another trick on my nightstand / I can turn a flick to my favorite show / Burned out, this my afterglow / When I leave, I’m meant for more, Houdini,” he sings.


The Two Piece Tour Pack EP is Pivot Gang’s follow-up to You Can’t Sit With Us, their debut album that dropped in April. Check it out below:

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