Pink Siifu unveils new short film, ‘Nation Tyme!’

The visual also features new music from the rapper.

Pink Siifu has shared a brand-new short film titled Nation Tyme!.

The six-minute-long self-directed visual features snippets of new music from the Los Angeles rapper, Pitchfork notes. Shot on film, the clip opens with Siifu seated in an empty room as he delivers an empowering speech to the camera.

“How long must my Black ass stand in this line? Amerikka know I been waitin’ too many times. 4,700 and mo’ years if we’re countin’,” he says. “Eye know my place, eye know my freedom, eye know my place, eye know my worth. It’s more than you pay.”


The film then cuts to an excerpt of poet Amiri Baraka’s performance of “It’s Nation Time,” before it flawlessly segues into Siifu performing his Negro cut, “Nation Tyme.” It then concludes with hazy snippets of two untitled songs.

Nation Tyme! dropped in conjunction with Black History Month and is an extension of Siifu’s 2020 album Negro. The LP, which was originally titled To Be Angry, was released exclusively on his website before it was made available on Spotify and Bandcamp in April.

“black be tha god. tke tyme n enjoy. life is short. Choas [sic] is necessary. u are allowed to be angry. tha balance is needed,” Siifu had written in the album’s notes on Bandcamp.


Watch his Nation Tyme! short film below:

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