Pink elephants parade in Cypress Hill’s new “Crazy” video

“I’m goin' loco,” B-Real says.

Hip hop titans Cypress Hill are about to drop their ninth studio album, Elephants on Acid, on September 28. So far they’ve released two singles, “Band of Gypsies” and “Muggs is Dead,” and to keep the buzz going until the acid rock-inspired LP arrives, they’ve unveiled the visual for “Crazy.”

No points for guessing what the recurring theme is here. In the video, B-Real smokes an unidentified substance and proceeds to trip out, hallucinating a herd of pink elephants dancing around him. He tries to reach out and grab one, but then accepts that he’s possibly losing it (“I think I’m goin’ crazy, losin’ my mind / I see elephants all of the time, I’m goin’ loco”).

Speaking with NME about the forthcoming record, Sen Dog said, “To me, Elephants on Acid is the ability to be weird and to be strange with music. It’s not following the same cycle of whatever is hot at the same time.”


Check out the video here:

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