Open Mike Eagle, MF Doom drop new song, “Police Myself”

A new release from ‘The New Negroes’ with a pointed message.

Open Mike Eagle has released a new song with MF Doom, “Police Myself,” from the latest episode of his Comedy Central show, The New Negroes.

On the song, which was produced by Nedarb, Eagle and Doom both rap about the experience of being black and living under racist scrutiny and racial profiling. The result: an existence where one automatically adjusts one’s behavior to pre-empt the racist assumptions projected by others.

“When he blow his little whistle, I restrict myself / And when I’m walking in New York, I stop and frisk myself,” Eagle raps. “And when it’s time to make arrest, I don’t resist myself / Because if I saw me in a line-up, I might pick myself.”


“The theme of the episode is criminality,” he said in a statement. “We made a song and video outlining the idea of ‘double consciousness’ where one has to be aware of their own internal experience but also aware of how others perceive them. For black Americans and other marginalized people around the world that perception can be the difference between life and death.”

Every episode of The New Negroes, which is a stand-up comedy and music series, ends with an original song by Eagle and another artist. Last week’s track was “Unfiltered,” featuring Danny Brown.

Watch the video for “Police Myself” here:


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