Open Mike Eagle drops surreal claymation MV for “Microfiche”

The rapper meets Colin Kaepernick and Dracula.

A week or so ago, rapper/comedian Open Mike Eagle released a new EP, What Happens When I Try to Relax. And now he’s dropped a video for “Microfiche”—which for all you Gen Z readers out there, is an old-school archival method involving photographic film.

Created by London-based director and animator William Child (whose links to hip hop involve claymation work for Rolling Loud Festival and Action Bronson), the video realizes Eagle’s witty lyrics, which range from self-deprecating truths—“My pot belly getting big, need some new shirts”—to bizarre metaphors and scenarios—“I murder Dracula in Castlevania.”

Watch the video, which also depicts Eagle facing off against NFL officials with beleaguered quarterback Colin Kaepernick, below:


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