Offset faces a felony charge over a broken cellphone

A warrant is out for his arrest in his home state of Georgia.

A video of Offset smacking a fan’s cellphone out of his hand made the rounds online late week. Now, the Migos member is reportedly facing a felony charge over that incident.

TMZ reported that an arrest warrant has been issued for Offset in his home state of Georgia, and that he faces a felony because the phone costs $800—an amount which reaches the felony threshold—and because Offset apparently broke it on purpose.

In the incident, which happened April 22, the fan—who’s been identified as Junior Gibbons—filmed the rapper as he was exiting a Target store in Sandy Springs, Georgia. He said “What up, Offset?” only for the rapper to whack the phone out of his hand. According to Billboard, Gibbons made a police report four days later.


Offset’s lawyer Drew Findling has defended his client to TMZ, saying that the rapper was just trying to buy items for his youngest child—Kulture, his daughter with Cardi B—when Gibbons came up to him. Findling called the case “disgraceful” and called for it to be “dismissed immediately.”

Gibbons, apparently, made the police report because he simply wanted the rapper to replace the broken phone. He didn’t want Offset arrested, he told TMZ, and was surprised a warrant was issued.

Gibbons posted the video of the incident to YouTube last week. Watch it here:


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