Nyck Caution, Meechy Darko join forces on “Famiglia”

The Beast Coast members reunite on this hard-hitting song.

Nyck Caution and Meechy Darko have collaborated on a hard-hitting new track, “Famiglia.” This is the pair’s first song together outside of their rap collective Beast Coast.

Over dark production from Chuck Strangers, Caution raps about his crew’s quiet hustle to rap stardom, while nodding to his Italian heritage with mobster references. “My Famiglia real G’s so you never hear ’em / Cause they be low as fuck, try me, come and test your luck / I be tryna chill but the problems always level up / Feel like Meadow’s dad, venting to a memo pad,” he spits.

Later in the track, Darko jumps in with a verse that references everyone from actor Tracy Morgan and Guns N’ Roses to Rihanna and Eminem: “It’s probably Mathers, bipolar disorder, man, I might be manic / I battle myself for practice, survival tactics, I adapt it / Then I ask God to show my way, but map, he never handed / Satan’s guestlist, fuckin’ Rihanna in Bahamas, top of my checklist.”

Last year, Beast Coast released their debut album, Escape from New York. On the other hand, Flatbush Zombies dropped their Now, More Than Ever EP last month.


Listen to “Famiglia” below:


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