Noname, Saba and Smino release debut single as Ghetto Sage

Hear the newly formed trio’s first song, “Häagen Dazs.”

Noname, Saba and Smino have formed a new rap group, Ghetto Sage, and released their debut single, “Häagen Dazs.”

The three Midwest rappers flaunt their wordplay on the skittering, nervy beat. Noname closes out the track with particularly memorable bars: “Rejoice a little / Grateful for my everything, his body’s a casket / The lining cherry wood / The pussy turned him ashes to ashes / I dash it, I coma / I’m sucking dick ’cause black lives matter / I scatter roses on my metaphor, ’cause the world shot Nipsey.”

Noname later took to Twitter to explain her “Häagen Dazs” verse. “In this song I wanted to challenge myself to write about sex in a way that I feel is uncommon in public spaces,” she wrote. “Like weed or liquor I enjoy sex recreationally and usually in a healthy way but there are times when I’ve had sex as a form of escapism. The way someone might drink or smoke to feel better.”


The trio are longtime friends and collaborators, last appearing together on “Ace” from Noname’s 2018 album, Room 25. They performed the track together on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in January.

Listen to Ghetto Sage’s debut single, “Häagen Dazs,” below:


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