Noname kicks off 2019 with “Song 31”

The Chicago rapper enters the new year in a big way.

Noname is starting 2019 on the right note with a brand-new track called “Song 31.”

Over a mellow, jazz-infused beat, the up-and-coming rapper delivers a cool and confident flow, slinging rhymes about the never-ending hustle for success: “I sell pain for profit, not propaganda / I know cancer’s origins linked to Santa / I know Santa’s origins linked to money.” Elsewhere, she raps with off-the-cuff energy about “smoking the holy leaf,” hustling to make money and binge-watching Atlanta.

Produced by fellow Chicagoan Phoelix, who also lends his vocals to the track’s chorus, “Song 31” is definitely a strong early entry from one of hip hop’s most promising artists. Listen to it below:


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