No, Kendrick Lamar isn’t working on his next album

Kdot's keeping his cards close to the chest for now.

If you’re hankering for a new Kendrick Lamar record, you’re in for a wait.

Even though he’s always working, the DAMN. rapper isn’t drawing up a new album just yet, he told the Los Angeles Times in a profile published yesterday. Lamar also noted that he’s writing in “longform,” but declined to elaborate on what he’s writing about or what form it’s taking.

“When asked about new music, he demurs—claiming that he’s merely been jotting down thoughts, ideas and questions,” the profile, written by Jeff Weiss, reads. “When prodded about what questions he’s asking, he cagily quips: ‘That’s personal.’”


Lamar was a lot more forthcoming about Black Panther and his relationship with its director, Ryan Coogler. Of the Golden Globe and Grammy nominations for his work on the blockbuster’s soundtrack, he said, “It feels great. I’m not only representing myself, but I’m representing my people… people I’ve been familiar with since I was born.”

“I don’t know what I’ll say if I win,” he continued. “A lot of different emotions will be running through me, and I usually just say what I’m inspired to say at that moment… what comes off the chest.”

Read the full profile here.

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