NLE Choppa seeks enlightenment on ‘From Dark to Light’

In celebration of his 18th birthday.

NLE Choppa recently celebrated his 18th birthday, on November 1, with the release of the new mixtape From Dark to Light.

On the 13-track tape, the teenage rapper reflects on his personal growth and his spiritual journey to self-love. “In this project, I’ll be explaining the truth, my real story—but at the same time embracing my growth, that dark side of me, the violent side of me. But, I just want to grow into my spiritual self, the light within that shine bright to the outside of me,” he says on opening track “Intro.”

The project also features collaborations with Big Sean and Ink, as well as production from hitmaker DA Got That Dope. It also features the song “Picture Me Grapin’,” which samples the late Tupac Shakur’s “Picture Me Rollin’,” from his 1996 album All Eyez on Me.


“11:11 is an important angel number where you make a manifestation/affirmation come true. Every time I catch 11:11, I make an affirmation regarding my album,” Choppa said in a statement. “My birthday is 11/1. These are all angel numbers. The one in numerology represents new beginnings. So, when I drop, new beginnings will form. It’s like walking through doors bigger than I can imagine.”

Alongside From Dark to Light, Choppa also released a video for the track “Bryson,” in which the rapper wanders through his Memphis neighborhood. The tape comes just months after the August release of Top Shotta, the rapper’s debut album.

Watch the video for “Bryson” here:


And stream From Dark to Light below:

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