NLE Choppa fights himself in “Shotta Flow 5” video

Yet another visual extravaganza by Cole Bennett.

NLE Choppa has unleashed a wild new clip for his new song, “Shotta Flow 5.”

In the clip directed by Lyrical Lemonade’s Cole Bennett, the 17-year-old rapper gets into an indoor paint-gun shoot-out with a mustached version of himself, and dodges bullets from an army of toy soldiers. Later in the clip, a bowl of anthropomorphic fruits start insulting Choppa and he gets revenge by chopping them up Fruit Ninja-style.

“I don’t think none of y’all n***as want gun smoke / Don’t second guess this shit, I’m gon’ blow / Whole lotta shots when it come out the Drac’ / Chop a n***a up, then put him in the lake,” Choppa spits over Payday production.


“Shotta Flow 5” follows Choppa’s collaboration with Roddy Ricch, “Walk Em Down,” and his Cottonwood EP. Watch the humorous clip for “Shotta Flow 5” below:

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