Nicki Minaj jumps on Lil Durk’s raunchy new single, “Extravagant”

They get “freaky” on the X-rated song.

Lil Durk has linked up with Nicki Minaj on his raunchy new song, “Extravagant.”

“Lil Durk, I heard you wanted to do a freaky song with the queen. What’s good?” Onika asks before launching into her steamy bars. “Let me ride you, then ride it from behind / I ain’t sharin’, bitch, ’cause it’s mine / Hit the deepthroat, then the six-nine / He killin’ for this pussy, he said Nick’s mine,” she raps.

Durk jumps in with the racy chorus, delivering Auto-Tuned vocals over an atmospheric production: “Bend you over, scratch your back up / Lick your chest, pull your tracks out / Lick on your neck, spit in your mouth / Thumb in your ass.”


The duo previously appeared together on “Slide Around” off Chance the Rapper’s debut album The Big Day. “Extravagant” is the latest release from Durk’s forthcoming album, Love Song 4 the Streets 2, following the Meek Mill-assisted “Bougie” and “Like That” with King Von. The record is due out this Friday via Alamo/Interscope Records.

Listen to “Extravagant” here:

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