Nicki Minaj is an ethereal queen in “Ganja Burn” video

It’s giving us major Cleopatra vibes.

Critics have been singing praises to Nicki Minaj’s latest LP, Queen, since it dropped last Friday. The album’s a certified banger, but its opening track “Ganja Burn” is one of the record’s standout. And it’s now been given the music video treatment.

The clip opens with a written prologue that tells the tale of a ‘generous queen’ (that’s Minaj, of course). “One day, her enemies all came together to hold a secret meeting and concocted a plan to take the generous queen down,” it reads. “They slaughtered her village.”

But just like in the real-life rap scene, the diva doesn’t stay down for long. She rises from the desert sands and rebuilds her broken empire. Through various outfit changes, Minaj leads her troupe of dancers with class and confidence as they march to reclaim her crown. It’s a fitting visual for the queen of rap.


Watch it below:

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