Netflix’s new ‘Rhythm + Flow’ teaser features Cardi B, Chance the Rapper

The hip hop music competition series premieres next month.

Netflix has dropped off the first teaser trailer for its new hip hop music competition series, Rhythm + Flow. It features Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and TI, who will serve as the show’s main judges.

Comprising ten hour-long episodes released over three weeks, Rhythm + Flow is a talent contest in search of “the next hip hop sensation,” as Tip says in the teaser’s voiceover. The show will bring together aspiring rappers and musicians from Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and Chicago, and see who will come out on top. 

Each episode will feature different challenges, including cyphers, music video and rap battles. The series will also cover samples and collaborations before closing it out with a huge finale. 


“This here is hip hop’s first legit TV competition,” Chano says in the clip. “We’re about to make music history.” Meanwhile, Bardi promises that the series is “going to be litty like a fucking titty.” 

Rhythm + Flow hits Netflix on October 9. Check out the preview below:

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