Nas jumps on Dave East’s new song, “Godfather 4”

East’s next album, ‘Survival,’ is imminent.

Mass Appeal co-founder Nas has jumped on signee Dave East’s new song, “Godfather 4,” from East’s forthcoming debut album, Survival.

The duo exchange bars over a languid beat produced by DJ Green Lantern, with additional instrumentation by New Orleans brass band The Soul Rebels and jazz trumpeter Keyon Harrold.

Nas kicks open the song with a fiery verse, expressing his thoughts on the rap game in the process: “I treasure whenever n***as or rhetoricals hit / Orchestral tracks and nail it, smooth, black velvet / And rap intelligent but then it’s just a low percent / Who blow on some Nas, BIG, and Hova shit / No offense but I was over with findin’ young spitters who names I remember.”


In his verse, East spits: “Yo, big bro, I’m from the ice pick era, light-skinned terror / Thought I could sell this dope until my life get better / Hieroglyphics got ’em tatted on us so it’s hard to miss us / Reminiscin’, my uncle sniffin’ the Lionel Richie / Soul Train over breakfast, Lexus across the Triborough.”

Survival, which will be executive-produced by Nas, will include East’s previous single “Alone,” featuring Jacquees. It’s also expected to feature collaborations with Max B and Gunna. The album is due out November 8.

Stream “Godfather 4” below and look out for Survival next month:


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