Mulatto makes her debut on NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk’

She performed cuts from ‘Queen of da Souf.’

Mulatto has made her debut on NPR’s Tine Desk concert series.

For her performance, the Atlanta rapper delivered her lines while sitting on a plush gold and white throne, backed up by violinist Joy Black and keyboardist SK. She kicked off her set with “Youngest and Richest,” the opening track from her first studio album, Queen of da Souf.

“I’m the youngest and richest, these bitches know what’s up with me / If we beefin’, I got you, won’t book no shows in my city / I dropped a hunnid on jewelry during a pandemic / Boss bitch, ain’t met a n***a that can handle this,” she spit.


Mulatto then segued into “Blame Me,” before wrapping the three-song set up with “He Say She Say,” both of which were also cuts from the record.

Queen of da Souf was released in August and featured singles like “On God.” She recently teamed up with Kash Doll and Benny the Butcher for “Bad Azz.”

Watch Mulatto’s Tiny Desk performance below:


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