Mulatto confirms she’s changing her controversial stage name

“My intention was to never glorify being mulatto.”

Mulatto has confirmed that she will be changing her stage name sometime later this year.

Since releasing her self-titled mixtape in 2018, the Atlanta rapper born Alyssa Michelle Stephens has faced backlash over the controversial moniker, which is an outdated and offensive term used for a person with mixed white and Black ancestry. After reportedly reconsidering her stage name at the end of last year, Stephens has now confirmed her plans to go by a new moniker.

In a recent interview with Hot Freestyle, the rapper said that she will be using a new name after having understood her critics. “You know you might know your intentions, but these are strangers who don’t know you, never even met you in person,” she explained. “So you gotta hear each other out, and if you know those aren’t your intentions and that’s how it’s being perceived, it’s like why not make a change or alter it? For me, it was the name. So now I’m like, ‘OK, my intentions was to never glorify being mulatto.’”


Stephens continued: “So if that’s how it’s being perceived and people think I’m saying, ‘Oh, I’m better because I’m mulatto’ or ‘My personality trait is mulatto’… then I need to change the matter at hand.” The rapper also added that she is taking the name change seriously, meaning it won’t be a simple update on her social media.

“There will be a big reveal,” Stephens said. “It’s not just something where it’s like, ‘Oh, I changed my name on Twitter or Instagram’ and boom, name change. I feel like it’s something that needs a bigger production. I need to be able to speak on it and people hear me out.”

Stephens did not reveal when the name change will take place but confirmed it will be tied to her next musical project.


Mulatto made her major label debut last year with Queen of da Souf, a star-studded album featuring 21 Savage, City Girls and Gucci Mane.

Watch her full interview with Hot Freestyle below:

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