MIKE sends up some “Prayers”

A scuzzy first look at the Earl Sweatshirt associate’s forthcoming project.

If you enjoyed Earl Sweatshirt’s latest album, Some Rap Songs, you’ll want to check out MIKE and his latest song, “Prayers,” featuring Medhane.

Both New York rhymers (you might remember them from Earl’s shoutout on “Nowhere2go”) rap languidly over a scuzzy loop of a soul sample: “Hungry when I feel the air / Never sittin’ on a thought because my mission shared / If the last one didn’t work, we’d try a different prayer.”

This is the first glimpse of MIKE’s forthcoming project War in My Pen, which is his fourth of the year. It’s due out December 21.


Watch the silhouette-heavy video for “Prayers” below:

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