MIKE brings ‘May God Bless Your Hustle’ to streaming services

He self-released the album in 2017.

New York rapper MIKE—aka Michael Bonema—has finally made his 2017 album, May God Bless Your Hustle, available to stream on all major platforms.

The 16-track record was initially released on the rapper’s Bandcamp page. The LP features contributions from experimental jazz and hip hop collective Standing on the Corner, as well as rappers Wiki and King Carter.

“Everybody’s getting the attention they deserve. I feel like everybody’s been working really hard,” MIKE told The FADER in 2017 about his collaborators. “People are being true to themselves. People are showing real reflections of where they’re made [and] what it means to live in New York City right now.”

Earlier this year, MIKE released Tears of Joy, his second full-length on indie label 10K. Stream May God Bless Your Hustle below:



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