Mick Jenkins drops unsettling video for new single, “Truffles”

The song was produced by Monte Booker and Renzell.

Mick Jenkins has shared an unsettling new video for his latest single, “Truffles,” which was produced by Monte Booker and Renzell.

Directed by Andre Muir, the clip takes place on Jenkins’ street, where his Black neighbors are being displaced by new white residents. Soon, the Chicago rapper finds himself surrounded by the increasingly creepy newcomers, who smile pleasantly at him but later reveal their dark intentions. In a statement, Jenkins said the song “attempts to address the idea that Blackness, no matter what, can always be weaponized.”

“From a young man actually committing a crime, to being somewhere we aren’t ‘supposed’ to be, to even being an agent of change in our own and other communities. It’s a statement that can be heard about Black people of all walks especially when doing something unconventional in white spaces,” he continued. “As complex as Fred Hampton, or as simple as moving into a nice neighborhood, we can always be viewed as ‘n***as making trouble.’”


Jenkins reiterates the sentiment in his deadpan lyrics, rapping in the chorus: “This n***a speakin’ his mind, ayy / This n***a shit ain’t like mine, ayy, ah, hell nah / Here go another young n***a makin’ trouble, ayy.”

Prior to “Truffles,” Jenkins teamed up with Cancel Culture and Meltycanon to release “Super8.” Earlier this year, he also dropped “Kill Me” with Daichi Yamamoto, “Teriyaki” with Nate Husser, “Sleep” featuring Markis Precise, the Kaytranada-produced “Designer Frames” and more. Last year, Jenkins released his EP The Circus.

Watch the eerie video for “Truffles” below:


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