Michael Christmas drops video game-themed “Cinderblocks” MV

Featuring Kota the Friend.

Michael Christmas has shared a video for his collaboration with Kota the Friend, “Cinderblocks.”

The video game-inspired clip, which was animated by Bryan McAdams and Evan Colten, stars Christmas and Kota as characters who have to battle different villains in order to level-up. The visual also addresses police brutality, voter suppression and white supremacy—much like the song.

“And the police tryna kill me only cuz my skin is black, yeah / They got mad fear, got my paranoia way high it’s only facts here / They could shoot you in the daylight and get away nothin’ on they name / Just another dead n***a in the grave, another homie slain, fuck,” Kota spits.


“Cinderblocks” is a cut from Christmas’ 2020 album, Hiding, which also featured a collaboration with Luck Bar$. Watch the video for “Cinderblocks” below:

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