MIA releases bass-thumping new anthem, “CTRL”

She dropped the standalone single out of support for Julian Assange.

MIA has returned with a brazen new single called “CTRL.”

On the Cadenza- and Fern-produced track, the English-Sri Lankan rapper asserts her independence over a thumping bass. “Hands up, hand down / Wake up, snap out / We gon’ stand up / When they try to control,” she spits.

The track also marks MIA’s continued support for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who appeared in a London court earlier this week for a US extradition hearing. Assange was charged in the US with conspiring to hack into a Pentagon computer back in 2010.


“In opposition to the ongoing extradition of journalist Julian Assange,” MIA shared in a message on Twitter. “The significance of this moment and this case is like nothing we have seen in modern jurisdiction.”

Back in March, MIA broke her three-year-long hiatus from music with “OHMNI 202091.” Listen to “CTRL” below:

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