MIA makes long-awaited return with “OHMNI W202091”

    Her first new release since 2018.

    MIA OHMNI W202091
    Image: Press / MIAdocumentary.com

    MIA has made her triumphant return with a new song, “OHMNI W202091,” which was released exclusively through her Patreon account.

    In a tweet, MIA described the song as “free music to get you the fuck up outta bed.” Over a spacey beat, the British musician reminds her fans that she’s a “force to be reckoned with.” “People be sleeping on me so much I feel like a mattress / They be giving too much credit to these girls that be actress / My avatar floating like a shooting star / Caught on a dashcam of a cop car,” she spits.

    “OHMNI W202091” is MIA’s first release since the 2018 non-album song, “Reload,” which was originally recorded in 2004 for her debut album, Arular. Her most recent full-length, AIM, arrived back in 2016.

    Listen to “OHMNI W202091” on MIA’s Patreon account.