MfnMelo of Pivot Gang releases new project, ‘Everybody Eats’

Featuring fellow members Saba and Frsh Waters.

Pivot Gang member MFnMelo has dropped his new project, Everybody Eats.

The 11-track record features appearances from rappers Qari and Mick Jenkins, as well as singers Akenya and Adam Ness. Fellow Pivot members Frsh Waters and Saba also feature on “Weight Lift” and “What a Life,” respectively.

“Everybody Eats is an album about finding that balance in life,” MFnMelo wrote on the album’s cover, according to Hypebeast. “With so many different people and things tugging at you, how can you possibly take care of yourself? And while serving your self it’s also very easy to forget the ones around you. Came to a point where I had to do what needed to be done so that the want from within and around me was fed. This album is a journey through some of these emotions.”


Earlier this year, Pivot Gang released their debut album, You Can’t Sit With Us. It features the songs “No Vest” and “Bad Boys.”

Stream Everybody Eats below:

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