Megan Thee Stallion says her label won’t let her release new music

#FreeTheeStallion began trending on social media.

Megan Thee Stallion has claimed that her label 1501 Entertainment is preventing her from releasing new music over a contract dispute.

On Sunday, the Houston rapper took to Instagram Live to address the ongoing dispute with her label, explaining to her nine million followers that there might be a delay in the release of her next album, Suga. According to Megan, she had been too young to understand the terms and conditions when she first signed to 1501 Entertainment, and that the company balked when she said she wanted to renegotiate the terms of her contract.

“I was like 20 and I didn’t know everything that was in that contract,” she explained. “So when I got with Roc Nation, I got management—real management—and real lawyers. They were like, ‘Do you know that this is in your contract?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, damn, that’s crazy—no, I didn’t know.’”


Megan then alleged that 1501 Entertainment isn’t allowing her to release any new music, calling the entire ordeal “a greedy game.” “They’re saying they made Megan Thee Stallion. Megan Thee Stallion was Megan Thee Stallion before I got over there. How the fuck can y’all say that a n***a made me? They don’t even care what’s right, they care about the money in the end,” she said.

Later in the video, Megan advised up-and-coming artists to read their contracts carefully before signing them. “To new artists coming out, I just want to say: It might seem good, it might sound good… But you definitely got to read,” she said. “Don’t sign nothing without no real lawyer, and make sure your lawyers is not the lawyers [of your label.]”

After the rapper opened up on the contract dispute on social media, the hashtag #FreeTheStallion began to trend. Check out snippets of her Instagram Live broadcast below:



Last month, Megan previewed her new album with the feisty single, “BITCH.” She also teased that she’s got a new song with The Neptunes on the way.

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