Meet Lil Tecca, pro wrestler in “Royal Rumble” video

In celebration of his 18th birthday.

To celebrate his 18th birthday, Lil Tecca has gifted fans a new song, “Royal Rumble.”

Produced by Z3N and Sean Turk, the track features the New York rapper reflecting on his road to stardom. Tecca makes a reference to his breakout single “Ransom” and his debut mixtape We Love You Tecca, all the while boasting that he now makes at least “50 stacks” per show.

“Dropped a l’il mixtape, it went damn near platinum / I’m not mixed, but I got black and white, ain’t talkin’ ‘Ransom’ / This shit up, but not gon’ lie, I may not make it look fun / Look dumb, you just mad that you can’t cuff ’em,” he spits.


“Royal Rumble” is expected to appear on Tecca’s forthcoming debut album, Virgo World. The rapper has yet to announce a release date for the LP. Tecca is also set to unveil a joint project called Do They Really Love You with production collective Internet Money. They previously teased the joint release with “Out of Love.”

Tecca stars in the video for “Royal Rumble” as a beloved pro wrestler—though he spends most of his time in the ring rapping. Watch it below:

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