Meek Mill drops video for new track, “Flamerz Flow”

The rapper is also teasing a new album.

Meek Mill has dropped a video for the new track “Flamerz Flow.”

“Condo in Tribeca, got my mom in Jersey / I wish death on anything that threaten me or try to hurt me,” he declares over a fiery trap beat. “I was rich as fuck, ain’t play my sound, I’m out here bright and early / Workout with the lifers doin’ a thousand burpees, you dig?”

In the video, the rapper spits bars while hanging out with his friends in the studio. He also does a number of pushups in a friendly competition with one of his peers, and hosts a party with beautiful women.


Mill has also teased the release of a new album, asking fans to leave diamond emojis in his Instagram comments if they were ready for the follow-up to 2018’s Championships.

Mill recently released his take on the popular “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” and appeared on “That Go!” alongside Young Thug and T-Shyne.

Watch the “Flamerz Flow” video here:



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