Max B shares new ‘Charly’ EP from behind bars

He might be released from prison as early as 2021.

Despite being behind bars, Max B continues to roll out new music. Last Friday, he dropped a new EP, Charly.

The five-track project includes the song “Porno Music 2,” a sequel to his 2009 single, “Porno Muzik.” Charly is titled after the New York rapper’s birth name, Charly Wingate, and also features a childhood photo of Max and his parents as the cover art.

“I wanted to give the fans and the people of the world something that would make them feel good in this time of turmoil. Charly is my growth,” he said in a statement. “It’s the man, the artist, the CEO, the Eloquent Music God, the father, the lover, all in one place. Charly is the creator of Max Biggaveli, Don Biggaveli, Wavy Crocket. See, in order to become creative in my position, I had to morph into these different characters just so that I can do the type of music we all love.”

Charly follows Max B’s joint mixtape with French Montana, Coke Wave 4. Last year, he released songs such as “Black and I’m Proud” and “Don’t Push Me.”


Last July, Max B said on Instagram that he’d gotten his sentence reduced a second time, dropping it from 75 years to 12—meaning he might be released from prison next year. The rapper was sentenced to prison in 2009 for deadly armed robbery, and entered a plea deal in 2016, as Billboard reported.

Stream his new Charly EP below:


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