Matt Muse drops two new singles, “Rockin’” and “Bridges”

The first releases from his new ‘Matt Packs’ series.

Matt Muse has returned with two new singles: “Rockin’” and “Bridges.”

The double-release marks the first installment of the Chicago rapper’s new Matt Packs series, where he will drop two new singles each month. Muse also noted in a press release that the series will run through June and culminate in a full body of work out this July.

“I found the joy in just writing raps to write them again as opposed to creating toward a set goal. Now, I’m back in my bag,” he said in a statement. “I’ve found joy in making music for the sake of creating something I love and hopefully toward sparking something in the listener, as opposed to creating to get on or whatever other reason.”


“I’ve realized that as an artist, I have the power to be a messenger for the times that my people are living in; a voice to cement this time in history and share the stories of those on the ground fighting for what’s right,” he added.

“Rockin’” and “Bridges” are Muse’s first releases since his 2019 EP, Love & Nappyness. Listen to them below:

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