Malibu Ken return with zany video for “Tuesday”

The latest visual from Aesop Rock and TOBACCO’s joint project.

Malibu Ken—aka Aesop Rock and TOBACCO—have revisited their January self-titled album with a video for its standout cut, “Tuesday.”

In the wacky clip, directed by Rob Shaw, a man discovers a moldy cheese in his fridge which has morphed into a human baby. Although baffled at first, he later decides to raise it as his own child and spends the rest of the clip going through the motions of fatherhood.

“Tuesday” is the latest visual from Malibu Ken, following “Acid King” and “Corn Maze.” In a press release, Aesop Rock said that his collaborative album with the Black Moth Super Rainbow producer was birthed almost a decade after they first toured together.

“I find [TOBACCO’s] production to be something special and always wanted to see what I could bring to it,” Aesop said. “I brought a few stories to the table but also did my best to let the production dictate the subject matter throughout.”


Watch the video for “Tuesday” here:


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