Mac Miller releases three new tracks

Ariana Grande’s ex is back with his first major release since 2016.

Mac Miller is back on the news, but it’s got nothing to do with his very public break-up with Ariana Grande, or getting charged for drunk driving. In fact, he’s just released three new tracks: “Buttons”, “Small Worlds” and “Programs.”

Having been on a hiatus since releasing The Divine Feminine in 2016, these three tunes come as a surprise to fans. The rapper made his announcement by wiping his Instagram account clean and posting minimalistic artwork of his new singles.

And as you can probably expect, his lyrics contain plenty of hints to Grande.


“Yeah, there’s no answer and you call twice / Nobody be at my house / I was at the studio all night,” he raps in “Buttons.”

Listen to his new songs and figure out its juicy references here:

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