Lupe Fiasco hits back at fan with rework of Eminem’s “Stan”

The fan said the rapper didn’t “have the decency” to acknowledge his fans.

Lupe Fiasco has released a rework of “Stan” by Eminem. Titled “Pat on the Back,” the track is a response to a fan who took aim at Lupe via a private Instagram chat.

Earlier this week, the Chicago emcee shared a screenshot of the fan’s direct message, in which they called the rapper out for refusing to acknowledge his supporters. “Damn man, we the fans make u rich and u don’t even have the decency to acknowledge us. That’s so wrong man,” the person wrote. In the caption of the Instagram post, Lupe replied: “Acknowledgement.”

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The rapper then proceeded to clap back at the fan—whose name is Pat Rooney—with a diss track, “Pat on the Back.” The four-minute song samples the instrumental and Dido’s verse on Eminem’s 2000 hit, “Stan.” Unlike Em’s song, which chronicled his relationship with a crazed fan, Lupe’s version lists the reasons why he doesn’t interact with his fans.


“It’s hard to keep track and you know / When I be talking I don’t even be looking at the comments like that / There be a lot of action, a whole lot of distractions / And I can’t really keep track of every interaction,” the Chicagoan explains.

Lupe then went on to apologize for airing their exchange online, but added that Rooney’s “language came a little strong.” “Cut me some slack, I can’t keep track of everything that’s going on / I ain’t mean to put you on blast just to hurt you,” he spits.

Earlier this year, Lupe teamed up with Talib Kweli to release their joint effort Blackstar. In 2019, the rapper officially released “Hey Lupe,” a song he recorded more than a decade ago.

Listen to Lupe’s fan-directed diss track “Pat on the Back” below:


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