Logic vents frustrations with fame and celebrity on “OCD”

Featuring R&B singer Dwn2earth.

Logic has released “OCD,” a collaboration with R&B singer Dwn2earth.

This is the first track the rapper has released since dropping his album Confessions of a Dangerous Mind in May. Over an atmospheric beat, Logic vents his anxieties about his career and the people who are dependent on him: “Got enough bread, I’mma eat, but what about the rest my team? They good and all, but I mean, if I disappeared from the scene / Then what’s gon’ happen? What’s gon’ happen?”

He also airs his frustrations with fans who’d rather take photos with him than share a moment of genuine connection: “Goddamn, all these people nowadays are so unusual / They’d rather snap a pic with you to go get more likes than usual / Than have a conversation, back in the basement with no placement / Couldn’t ever fathom talkin’ to my favorite rapper that way.”


In August, Logic revealed he and his fiancée are expecting a baby in a freestyle. He recently appeared on French Montana’s new song “Twisted,” and released music videos for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind cuts “Icy” and “Homicide.”

Stream “OCD” below:

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