Logic shares two new songs, “Over You” and “Mafia Music”

The latter is a MadGic collab.

Logic has interrupted his ‘retirement’ once again with the release of two new songs: “Over You” and “Mafia Music.”

The former is an acoustic guitar ballad that hears him singing rather than rapping, and the latter a collaboration between him and mega-producer Madlib. It’s the third song to come from the duo—dubbed MadGic—following “Raddest Dad” and “Mars Only pt. 3.”

On “Mafia Music,” Logic confirms for the second time that he and Madlib have recorded an entire joint album together. “Madlib fucking crazy, bruh. We did like this whole album in a fucking night, dawg,” he says at the beginning of the track. “That’s what’s crazy. Whole album in a night.”


The 31-year-old also addressed his quasi-retired status, spitting, “Mafia music, I live the life, I don’t choose it / No I could never abuse it / It chose me, I don’t refuse it / Retired but I’m rapping everyday, I can’t lose it.”

Logic announced that he was retiring from music last July ahead of his sixth studio album, No Pressure. “It’s been a great decade, now it’s time to be a great father,” he said at the time. However, he’s since dropped new music from time to time, most recently with the MadGic tracks and his TwitchTape Vol 1 beat tape.

Hear both “Over You” and “Mafia Music” by Logic below:


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