Logic officially returns with new mixtape, ‘Bobby Tarantino III’

“Fun tracks and real raps.”

Logic has made his official return with his new mixtape, Bobby Tarantino III.

The project is the Maryland native’s first offering since he retired from music last year and dropped what was billed as his last album, No Pressure. He officially ended his retirement with the song “Intro,” and began to tease Bobby Tarantino III, which he described on Twitter as “fun tracks and real raps.”

For the series’ third installment, Logic resurrects his trap alter-ego and continues the red and yellow color scheme from the cover art of his previous Bobby Tarantino projects. Logic released the last edition, Bobby Tarantino II, in 2018.


Bobby Tarantino III include’s Logic’s recent releases “My Way,” “Get Up” and “Vaccine.” Earlier this year, he dropped the YS Collection Vol 1 compilation album on streaming services and teamed up with Madlib to form MadGic. Though only three loosies—“Mars Only Pt. 3,” “Raddest Dad” and “Mafia Music”—have been released so far, the duo apparently have a whole album’s worth of material.

Stream Logic’s comeback mixtape, Bobby Tarantino III, below:

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