Logic officially ends retirement with new song, “Intro”

“I’m back.”

After spending less than a year ‘retired,’ Logic has announced his return to music with a brand-new single, “Intro.”

The rapper took to Twitter yesterday to reveal he was breaking his retirement, releasing a brief statement that paid tribute to Michael Jordan’s famous 1995 “I’m back” announcement.

Captioned “Friday,” the statement teased the release of “Intro,” which dropped shortly after.


On the track, Logic raps about his journey from a high-school dropout to the top of the rap industry. “Me and my homies in the lab, dope shit, what we concocted / Yo, I been to hell and back, motherfuck a platinum plaque / None of that, it don’t mean shit if your family ain’t got your back / I’m unretired, yeah, I’m back, that’s a fact, that’s that,” he spits over an understated beat.

Logic previously announced his retirement upon dropping what he then called his last studio album, No Pressure, in July 2020. “It’s been a great decade, now it’s time to be a great father,” the rapper said at the time.


But while ostensibly retired, Logic kept dropping music, including “Mars Only pt. 3” and “Mafia Music” with Madlib for a new collaborative project with the producer called MadGic.

His bars on the latter track teased a potential comeback. “Mafia music, I live the life, I don’t choose it / No I could never abuse it / It chose me, I don’t refuse it / Retired but I’m rapping everyday, I can’t lose it,” he rapped.

Listen to Logic’s first post-retirement song, “Intro,” here:

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