Listen to Wiz Khalifa count his “Hunnid Bands”

The laid-back yet blustering single comes just in time for 4/20.

Ain’t no way Wiz Khalifa was gonna sit out 4/20 without some sort of fanfare. Just in time for the occasion, the Taylor Gang rapper dropped “Hunnid Bands,” a single that swaggers into the room, lights up and gives zero f*cks about what you think.

Produced by Tay Keith, the track combines Wiz’s slacker vibe with hard boasts about the high cost of being rich and famous (hint: it’ll cost you more than a hunnid bands). Over a tinkling piano riff, he brags, “Joint lit, walked in, smoking weed because I can / Might take your bitch, ’cause she said you ain’t her man.”

Wiz has spent the last few months teasing out new music in advance of his forthcoming Rolling Papers 2. “Hunnid Bands” may end up on the final cut, but nothing’s confirmed at this point—including the album’s release date.


Check out the video for the single here:

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