Listen to Wale’s new song, “Daylight”

The rapper’s new album is finished.

Wale’s sixth studio album is complete, the rapper confirmed on his latest song, “Daylight.”

“My album finished, I’m just out here playin’ / All this arranging, OC vocals, got me OCDing / Your engineer gon’ mix my vocals in a mausoleum,” Wale spits effortlessly over the breezy, sun-kissed Thelonious Martin production.

Elsewhere on the track, the DC native boasts of his impending return, warning his haters to get ready for the heat. “I’ve come to grips that you n***as slipped on my recent efforts  / I cause a bedlam on beats, embarrass these people that pretend / If life’s a bitch pray my bitches inches is Lisa Leslie,” he raps.


Wale’s new album, which according to the rapper might be his last, is set to arrive sometime later this year. In the meantime, you can check out “Daylight” below:

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