Listen to two new Kanye West tracks

“Ye vs the People,” featuring TI, is the #woke (ish) response to the trolling “Lift Yourself.”

Kanye West has been making headlines in recent weeks for his apparent newfound support of Donald Trump. And on Friday, he capped off those Twitter soundbites by dropping two new tracks: “Lift Yourself” and “Ye vs the People (Starring TI as the People).”

“Lift Yourself” is essentially the 2018, hip hop version of a Rick Roll. After a chipmunk-ed sample of Amnesty’s 1973 track “Liberty” runs over the first few minutes, Ye delivers the verse. “What they don’t realize, though / This next verse? / This next verse, though? / These bars / Watch this,” he raps. “Poopity scoop / Scooptity woop / Woop de scoop…” And we’ll leave it at that ?

Thankfully, he isn’t trolling on the other track. The song takes a call-and-response format, with Ye and TI engaging in a debate about the former’s recent political views. “It’s some shit you just don’t align with and don’t go against,” Tip chides. To which Yeezus replies, “You just reading the headlines, you don’t see the fine print / You on some choosing side shit, I’m on some unified shit.”


And then the track abruptly ends with Ye’s populist exhortation: “Alright, Tip, we could be rapping about this all day, man. Why don’t we just cut the beat off and let the people talk?”

Check out both tracks here:

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